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in a world where everything is immediate and disposable, we're highlighting a thoughtful collection of elevated kitchen & tabletop goods to treasure. intent on making the everyday a masterpiece.



to celebrate the art of the table.
highlighting and curating artists we truly admire. with a focus on quality craftsmanship and simple, functional design.



wide spreading
slow growing
long lived


cedro is inspired by the cedar table in my grandmother's home. the handcrafted planks are now stained and dented from years of gathering around it, growing more beautiful with time.



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Cast iron

If you're a cast iron owner, you likely understand that it's arguably the most valuable piece you can possibly have in your kitchen. Durability. Even heating. Life-long commitment. There is a current trend of nostalgic pull towards classic American goods that are durable and well-made —and you don't get more old-school than a cast-iron skillet.



How are we so blessed with this bubbly concoction you might ask? 19 year old Bendictine monk Dom Perignon was attempting to make wine in Champagne, France. He served as a cellar master but, as was common in that time period, couldn’t get rid of the stubborn refermentation bubbles. Upon taking a taste of his accident he exclaimed, “Come quickly! I am drinking the stars!”


In Japanese culture, knives are considered sacred, that our soul goes into our knives once we start using them. Believed to be inhabited by a spirit, when an old knife breaks or is worn out beyond use it is placed in a hocho-zuka tomb to express appreciation for its years of service and pray for improved skills in the future.


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